July 25, 2024

Like many things: the food enterprise, the clinical-pharmaceutical established order, the mainstream media… the elite company/ banker hidden controllers have also standardized the schooling device thru investment. for example, many years in the past within the usa, a great deal cash became poured into education by the Rockefeller created national training association with the assist of the Carnegie foundation and afterward the Ford basis and this changed into now not completed out of the kindness of their hearts. -The result of the efforts of such companies can be seen global today in the actual motive of the training device that is to teach kids and young people:1. Conformity to authority figures.2. acceptance that ‘truth’ and what’s ‘actual’ comes from authority.three. praise comes from accurate reminiscence consider from heavy repetition.4. Non-compliance might be punished.as a result, the real motive of the training device is to domesticate conformity and prohibit vital considering something of real importance.beginning at 4 years antique (and what may be a higher age to start a mass indoctrination) then by the point an character comes out of the education gadget, a few 12 years plus on, they might have had more than their truthful share of programming and brainwashing, not able to actually assume for themselves. -As Einstein said, ‘real thinking is to suppose the unthinkable.’ Any true outdoor-of-the-container questioning having large humanitarian or mother Earth pleasant benefit, if pursued, may be omitted, quashed, ridiculed or suppressed via the influence of those hidden controllers if it’s far perceived as a risk to any in their corporations:Unsung HeroesHere’s a list of simply some of records’s surely super humanitarian outdoor-of-the-field thinkers with their revolutionary ideas/merchandise that have by no means been capable of see the mild of day because of the above motives. I guess you never studied those ‘taboo subjects’ on your formal training training:Raymond Rife and his popular Microscope for curing cancer.After effectively curing cancer sufferers, the Rockefeller owned American medical association later had this paintings laid right down to relaxation through ultimate down Rife’s set u.s.Nikola TeslaWardenclyffe Tower venture- loose power. due to undercutting the cost of the conventional electricity grid device, Tesla’s investment was stopped. His gadget and lab became burned down.Linus Pauling’Unified concept’ treatment for coronary heart disease. due to greater interests in corporate profitability and perceived monetary chance, this pretty a success reasonably-priced opportunity remedy has now not been allowed that a whole lot attention.Adam TromblyFree strength dynamo.verified unfastened power with the aid of accessing electric power from air, but by no means allowed to see the mild of day…Wilhelm Reich-Cloud bursting and weather manage.again this conceivable mechanism for producing rain clouds for crop irrigation in drought regions was stopped with the aid of the ones ever watchful lackeys for the hidden corporate /banker controllers.permitting something like this will lead to meals abundance and significantly make contributions to finishing world hunger. but, the controllers do not need international starvation to give up. If this occurred it might make it more hard to control these human beings in what would not be third global nations… keep in mind, their hidden enslavement agenda.thus, basically, the company primarily based training gadget with its cautiously decided on curricula covertly serves to hinder or stultify actual human growth.The company funded education status quo simply wishes you to fit into the device. this is absolutely constant with the crimson Floyd track ‘All in all, you’re just any other brick inside the wall.’ those people maximum programmed and brainwashed with the aid of the education system are in all likelihood to be extra a success than others. Take for instance, at process interviews. Having a extra company attitude is much more likely to get the task than others: This ‘mind-set’ resonates with interviewers of similar disposition…on the issue, too-large-for-their-boots-companies are soulless greed machines with all of the hallmarks of a psychopath. don’t be deceived by using the effrontery, they care little or no approximately the planet and the humans on it. Coldly, to the corporations an worker is just a useful resource, no extra than a bit of office device, similarly expendable, as a result the department human ‘resources’. To the corporations, ‘making sufficient money’ would not exist of their vocabulary. How can it possibly exist whilst it is not in their mind?there is so much poverty in the international: 1000000000 human beings having to live on a dollar or much less an afternoon, kind of every five to 7 seconds a baby dies of hunger… in the end, that is a result of the business enterprise’s lack of investment. -I digress.we are living in a corporatocracy; a company run and managed global. for the reason that the Presidents and prime Ministers, i.e. most senior politicians are not in strength to serve the human beings, they may be ultimately there to do the deeds of the corporate agenda, then it fully stands to reason that the training government serve to observe company directives.Filtering In AcademiaCarefully monitored with the aid of the controllers over time, educational establishments have taught technology with some essential assumptions. those assumptions are extra than ever receiving challenges thinking their validity. however, all people in academia who dares to noticeably mission the official indoctrination; walks too some distance far from the white line laid down by means of the government, posing a primary danger to the establishment’s iron-clad beliefs, then they could locate themselves getting proven the door. certainly, this has passed off before.here are the assumptions in technology which have obtained a few extreme challenges1. Darwin’s principle of evolution as an reason for the beginning of life.2. Human civilization is around 5000 years old.three. Louis Pasteur and the sickness principle.four. In physics it’s far said that cognizance is cut loose our physical global.five. the distance between matters is just vacancy.All fake, I say! I may be writing about this in later messages. -All creditable demanding situations to the above five matters acquire little attention in academia or mainstream media: This type of filtering, whether it’s in science; no longer giving the whole picture, or with another subject, is executed as a part of a plan by the controllers to preserve us in lack of expertise, misinformed and in a ‘no growth’ scenario.The higher up in academia, the extra specialised and consequently extra blinkered a person becomes. those people may be unaware of the entire photograph and ignorant of the facts that contradict the legit set up line. alas, those people together with the vintage fart professors, as a substitute of getting an open mind and willingness to look beyond their restrained ideals, indoctrinations… they tend to alternatively arrogantly protect themselves and ride roughshod on folks who dare to assignment.The SolutionsDon’t blindly take delivery of what the government let you know or all people else. as opposed to acting like blind slaves, believing you are free and oh so knowledgeable, as Einstein stated, do not stop questioning. while you are satisfied with what you’ve got determined and if it’s far exclusive to the official line, have the braveness and integrity to talk up, spread the word. As more human beings end up privy to the suppressed knowledge in academia and the blessings it can carry to society, there will be more possibilities of these findings getting acted on: There are such things as unfastened electricity and a success treatments for all forms of diseases… They had been about for many, many years.Now the ball is in your courtroom. don’t take my phrase on something i have said, begin wondering.